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IntrigueBeauty.com is created for all the Professional make-up artists and for any body who likes good quality make up. Trying to find high quality dependable products does not always mean paying for the highest price tag for the pro. Professional Artists are always in the front line of make-up - trying all sorts of products to find things that are up to par under heavy work situations. Lights, Camera, Action plus hours of wear, heat and multiple crazy situations are what they engage on a daily basis. They need make-up that holds its color, delivers a clean application and wears for hours on end. Intrigue Beauty has the best of the best at affordable price ranges - to bring Professionals and YOU the make up and tools that really work! Intrigue Beauty was founded in 2008 as a discount beauty retailer. As a discount retailer, we have added our very own line of cosmetics Intrigue Minerals for Wholesale and Retail purchases and will continue to bring you prestige products at the best possible pricing. Intrigue Beauty specializes in providing discounts, high end cosmetics at wholesale and below wholesale pricing, as well as rare and hard to find items that have been discontinued by leading brands. We value your business, whether you’re a small business starting up, or a big business looking for a new supplier. We have been in the beauty industry for over 15 years. We sell everything from cosmetics to professional tools, from brands you know and trust. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at IntrigueBeauty@gmail.com.

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